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Thesis "Holiday Home" 7"

by Thesis

  • Black vinyl 7" 32%


I first saw Sydney-based Thesis in my garage, here in Canberra. A few weeks before I had checked out their EP, "Worth the Wait", and couldn't stop thrashing it. After showing it to all my friends every time I hopped in the car, I chucked them on the first show up here I could fit them on. Five blokes with a few too many cans of Woodstock showed up and ended up crashing on my floor, and since then i've only seen the band grow bigger and bigger, playing to larger and more enthusiastic crowds every time.

Thesis' new release, "Holiday Home", captures the maturation that comes with simply being a band -- whether it be dealing with bandmates that can't agree on what to cover, or dealing with bandmates who ate too much curry and fart all the way to Melbourne, three new tracks recorded earlier this year at The Brain in Sydney offer a little departure from their debut EP's sound, but not too far that you forget exactly whom you are listening to.


The 7" comes on black vinyl, limited to 250 copies. There are 6 test pressings, but you can't have any of them.

I am so stoked to be working with this band: one of my favourite bands in Australia at the moment, and definitely hard-working. Deserving of all the praise and attention they are getting!