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The World at a Glance "...Will Travel" 12" LP

  • black vinyl 95%
  • black vinyl with split 7" 75%


Melbourne's only Neon Genesis themed space-rock band have managed to whip up one incredibly frenetic full-length that seems to be what it would sound like if At The Drive-In crashed their tour bus and awoke in Neo-Tokyo. Blistering instrumentals accentuated with vocals reminiscent of Shinji's refusal to pilot the EVA -- truly a record worthy of soundtracking the best anime series of all time.

TRACKLIST (black vinyl /150)
1. Astronaut
2. Leech Detachment
3. Rationale
4. The Memory Bled Into Dreaming
5. Light
6. Satellite Boy
7. Grid
8. In Stasis
9. Urgency Terminal
10. Star Pattern

Shipping now with insert & download code. You can also order it as a 'package' with their split 7" with American band Short Stores About Their Distance.