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Sundial/Ringfinger split 7"

by Sundial

  • Black vinyl 20%


sundial, australia's finest and most prominent nu-gazers, meet with friends ringfinger from across the atlantic on a seven-inch a/b side vinyl record. sundial's growth from their debut EP bleed is apparent with the addition of female vocals and synthesisers. ringfinger, moving forward from their earlier ep and demo releases, aim for a slightly heavier sound and atmosphere in comparison. both bands will have new work out shortly (sundial's LP and ringfinger's split with fairlane).

black vinyl (/200)
1. swim
2. it's not over (until we're under)
3. swing set
4. flush

two bands. four tracks. one a/b side seven-inch record.

this vinyl release is lacklustre records release #15 (lck015). thank you to everyone who made this release a possibility.