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Make More "Spend Life" 12" LP

by Make More

  • Black vinyl 97%
  • Black vinyl with tote bag 100%
  • Tote bag 100%


Brisbane's Make More are without a doubt the finest indie pop band this side of the equator. Refreshing, clear and pure guitar pop. There is a familiar warmth behind each track, so much so that by the end of the full length LP you're listening to, it'll be like walking out from your favourite sauna.

You can order the LP with or without an incredible tote bag (also designed by Errol). Simply select your desired item on this page! If a t-shirt is more your accompanying item of choice, you can get your fix through the Blackwire webstore.

Released through Lacklustre Records (LCK036) and Blackwire Records (BWR12) on 250 copies of black vinyl. Embedded below for your listening pleasure!