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Low Season "Heavenly Creatures" 12" LP

by Low Season

  • Black vinyl 12" LP 82%
  • Black vinyl 12" LP w/ white longsleeve 80%


*Pre-order: Shipping date est. three-four weeks from 21st May.

Low Season is the hand you wish you weren't dealt. It's like rain on your wedding day after having to listen to Alanis Morrisette's Ironic in the taxi cab on the way there, who offered you a free ride after you've already paid. Low Season is the same face of Mitch Pinney every day. Low Season is you, your first car, your first joint, your first fuck.

It figures.

Low Season "Heavenly Creatures" 12" LP TRACKLISTING
(/200 copies on black vinyl w/ Death's Grip. Insert in the form of a lyric book/hymnal)
1. cool party
2. offering of the six devas
3. blood disease
4. emergency exit row
5. god of memory
6. i didn't ask for this
7. ex-hardcore
8. bobbi baaten
9. sibling rivalry

You can order the LP by itself, or in a "deal" with a longsleeved white t-shirt, or if you prefer BLACK, you can get one of those over at the Death's Grip bandcamp with their pre-order special deluxe package deal unique combo.