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Clipped Wings "Hollow Life" 7"

by Clipped Wings

  • Black vinyl 71%
  • White vinyl 17%


Four songs of melodic hardcore straight from the Northern Beaches of Sydney. Unique enough that you don't need a shitty FFO section.

If you're not into vinyl and want a digital download, check this page out to sate it: http://clippedwings.bandcamp.com

Clipped Wings have been slowly but surely making a name for themselves playing shows around New South Wales and now release their debut EP, a four track follow up to the demo released in 2011.

This is just a standard copy for anyone who missed out on the crucial preorders and won't be seeing the band any time soon to pick one up in person. I will have around 50 copies of both colours available here, and the rest (approximately another 50 of either colour) you can nab at a show.
For the TL;DR:
Black (out of 100);
White (out of 100);
will both be available here (in limited quantities)!

For shipping enquiries please see the tab on the right of the page.