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Amends "I'm OK with being different" 7"

by Amends

  • Black vinyl 83%


a two piece that is now a four piece: amends kind of sounds like the satisfaction the pimply kid behind the kfc counter gets when he upsells you to the large meal deal. you know you didn't really need the extra chicken, but to hell with it.

amends' demo/ep "best friends" and their recent covers ep precede this release, and they've just finished up an east coast tour. you've probably seen their name floating about recently, haven't you? shedding their almost poppy sound cocoon on the demo, for the sake of the analogy, the new and improved amends butterfly is rather darker. maybe like a moth, really.

(black vinyl /100 in handscreened/cut covers)
1. dale dug a hole
2. you don't know karate
3. forget about it
4. waste management consultant

the record can be ordered standalone or with a black longsleeve t-shirt, w/ the lacklustre records logo on the front pocket and the cover art as a large print on the back.

you can listen to the record as usual through the lacklustre bandcamp & download it for free there too.